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Trailer Debuts For New Robert Englund Shocker ‘The Last Showing’

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When it comes to horror there are few if any that do it better than Robert Englund.  While he will forever haunt our dreams as Freddy Kruger – the man has moved on to other roles–and that brings us to this welcome bit of news.

‘The Last Showing’ has already secured some overseas distribution, and domestic distribution is fast approaching as a Fall roll out is expected here in the states.  Since the UK will be seeing it first the folks at Screen Media have released a nice new trailer and I had a feeling you would all want to check it out.

Story wise – we’ve got Robert Englund playing Stuart,  a messed up projectionist at a local theater who decides to hold a couple theater patrons hostage and by using security cameras and the like pits the two of them against one another in a nice little game of survival.

Finn Jones and Emily Berrington star alongside Mr. Englund.

Should have some firm US distribution news for you soon but until that arrives this trailer is just going to have to tide you over.




by: Dave Dreher

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