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Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Gets A Release Date – Production Slated To Start

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Seems like every time we discuss this theatrical version of the classic Stephen King tale it to update you with some disheartening news – not the case today.

Today I sit in front of this keyboard to bring you the news that New Line and Warner Brothers have set a release date for the project – Aug. 11th, 2017.  Production is slated to begin this summer!

You should recall that original director Cary Fukunaga backed out after experiencing what is being called “creative difference” over the path of the film.  Relatively quickly they announced that Andres Muschietti would be taking over the reins.  Things have kind of floated in oblivion for a while.  Rumors surfaced that Will Poulter was being cast in the pivotal role of Pennywise and were later confirmed but it is now also confirmed that Poulter has dropped out due to scheduling concerns and execs are scurrying attempted to find a replacement.

Whomever they choose will have a hard time competing with the now classic portrayal made famous by Tim Curry, that much is certain.

With production slated to begin in a matter of weeks or months one thing is certain – they’ll be making their choice sooner than later.

So, it appears things are full steam ahead on this one – everyone knows studio never set release dates and then shuffle them around right?  We’ll see if this one still manages to make it out of the gate.

Updates as warranted.


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