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When it comes to monsters – be it cinematic or in the wild – there are few more well known than Bigfoot.  The hunt for and existence of has long intrigued genre fans – believers or not.

SMALL TOWN MONSTERS – a production company located in Ohio have dedicated themselves to telling the tales of those who look for and have experienced encounters with the elusive hairy beast.  Their first film ‘Minerva Monster’ chronicled a small Ohio towns encounter with said beast and their second production  ‘Beast of Whitehall’ was just recently finished and is playing festivals and available now through the website.  Not one to let any grass grow under his feet director Seth Breedlove is ready to move on to the next tale and he has chosen a well known encounter.  Any one who follow the world of Bigfoot is familiar with Boggy Creek.

If you were lucky enough to be around in the 70’s then ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek’ likely scared the living shit out of you when it hit drive ins and because of that film an entire generation of Bigfoot fans were born.  Seth and his team will be heading down to Arkansas this week to film ‘Beast of Boggy Creek’ which Rue Morgue claims to be “the first feature-length documentary to explore the legend of the Fouke Monster”.

Before he leaves for Boggy Creek though – Seth and his team will be in Canton Ohio where ‘Beast of Whitehall’ will kick off the Canton Film Fest this weekend.  If you’re in the area – stop in, see the film.  I’ll be there as well so make sure to say hey!

For all the info on all of Small Town Monsters projects – hit up their website.




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