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Scream Queens Joining Forces To Become ‘The Survivors’

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Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?  The ‘final girl’ is a staple of the genre and through the years there have been many memorable strong leading ladies who have outsmarted their maniacal pursuers and lived to tell the tale so why not gather them all up and pit them all against the ultimate baddie?

Genius I say!

William Butler is doing just that.  Teaming up with Transition Entertainment he is writing and casting ‘The Survivors’ and he is building himself a dream cast.

Already on board are genre icons Adrienne King, Heather Langenkamp, Jordan Ladd, Amanda Wyss, Deborah Foreman, and Patricia Tallman and talks are continuing with Amy Steel, P.J. Soles, Kelli Maroney, Tuesday Knight Lisa Wilcox and Beverly Randolph with hopes of adding them to the project.

Speaking on the project Butler comments “As a long time horror-film nerd and filmaker my head is spinning with joy at getting a chance to meet with all of these remarkable actresses. I am so proud of this project, it’s really a fan boy’s dream come true, this film is not only going to be one hell of a ride but the ultimate gift to all of the fans that we genre performers love so much.”

Obviously, things are still very much in the “gearing up” phase but if all goes well these lovely ladies could all be in front of the camera by spring of 2015.

Story wise Butler is working with writer Patrick J. Doody and are creating ” a horror-action feature-film about a multi-generational group of strong female survivors who decide to get revenge as they ban to together and turn the tables on legendary murderer who, during their youth pursued them all. After the killer resurfaces, the women make a pack to track him down and end his twenty-five year killing spree.”

Source and Photo Credit:  Icons of Fright

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