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Scream Factory Unveils Release Info For ‘Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre’

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What do you get when you cross Traci Lords,  Dominique Swain, Director Jim Wynorski and a bunch of CGI sharks?  Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre that’s what.  Scream Factory is bringing this one home to the fans and well, what can I say.  Have a look at what you’re in for:

Here’s your official synopsis:

“When a fracking mishap accidentally rips apart the earth’s crust, the resulting hole opens up a gaping underground waterway to a vast and mysterious ocean somewhere deep below. Instantly, giant prehistoric sharks begin wending their way upward toward a murky bog in the heart of the Arkansas Bayou. Unfortunately for a group of female prisoners on a work detail in the swamp, the deadly sharks attack without warning – pinning a hapless group of intended victims in a small deserted cabin in the heart of the wetlands. Death may be the only means of escape!”

The complete cast is as follows: Amy Holt, Christine Nguyen, Cindy Lucas, Dominique Swain, John Callahan, and Traci Lords.  So, a bunch of hot women being chased around by sharks that can also “swim” on land?  Shit, I’m in.

May 3rd is the date Scream Factory brings the goodness home on both DVD or Blu-ray.  How can you say no?




by: Dave Dreher

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