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Salma Hayek Is All Kinds of Awesome In The Trailer For ‘Everly’

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Haven’t heard much from Salma Hayek of late but her new flick titled ‘Everly’ is about to change all that.  Director Joe Lynch has gone a created an out of control festival of violence that tells the following tale:

“It’s Christmas time, but all is not well in the world of Everly (Salma Hayek). A call girl by trade, Everly has turned against her gangster boss Taiko (Hiroyuki Watanabe) and become a police informant. In response, Taiko has put out a hit on Everly and her family. Soon, every criminal in town wants to cash in. Everly’s survival instincts quickly kick in as she matches wits and firepower with Taiko and a seemingly endless stream of killers.”

You ready to have a look?  Well, have at it then:

You getting a ‘Kill Bill’ vibe too?  Not saying that’s a bad thing.  Nothing better than a hot lady kicking all kinds of ass.

‘Everly’ hits on demand on Jan. 23rd so put it on your calendar and look it up.


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