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Prepare Yourself For A ‘Deathgasm’ This October

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Dark Sky Films can always be counted on in a clutch and they’ve stepped up to the plate once again.  Metal music and horror go hand in hand and the blood soaked horror comedy ‘Deathgasm’ is a perfect example of how the two mesh.  Debuting at this past years SXSW festival it is finally getting ready to make its way to the fans in the rest of the county thanks to those aforementioned fine folks at Dark Sky Films.

They’ve announced a release date of Oct. 2nd and I’m assuming it will be available on VOD although the info I have at the moment is a bit light on details.  Regardless, this bad boy is heading our way.  Starring Milo Cawthorne, James Blake, Kimberley Crossman and Stephen Ure the story is as follows:


“New kid in town Brodie and bad-boy Zakk quickly bond over their mutual admiration of heavy metal. But when these two metal thrashing losers unwittingly summon malevolent forces, their dreams of stardom may just have to be put on hold.”

Here’s the trailer from SXSW – check out the madness!


maxresdefaultby: Dave Dreher

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