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The ‘Paranormal Activity’ Franchise Goes 3D

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I guess we should have seen this one coming, 3D found footage.  Has there been a 3D found footage flick yet?   I can’t think of one off the top of my head but regardless word has dropped this holiday weekend that the next installment in the highly successful ‘Paranormal Activity’ franchise will indeed hit screens in 3D.  Pulling out every gimmick they can think of apparently.

‘Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension’ is currently lensing as they have a target release date of March 13 of 2015.  Not very far off at all, they are going to have to get a move on.

Greg Plotkin directs a script written by Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark.

Stay tuned for updates as this one moves along.


by: Dave Dreher

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