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New Featurette For ‘See No Evil 2’ Gets To The Point

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This Friday brings the release of The Soska Sisters take on Jacob Goodnight in ‘See No Evil 2’. Kane is back playing the brooding, stalking madman and this time he’s got himself a fancy new knife.  Check out this little featurette where all involved discuss the shiny new toy.

Here’s your story breakdown:

“He fell to his apparent demise from high atop the Blackwell Hotel in See No Evil, and this sequel picks up where the last one left off. With Jacob’s body lying on a cold sub-basement slab in the city morgue, Amy (Danielle Harris), a mortician, is surprised when a group of friends pay her a late-night visit for her birthday. But the surprise soon turns deadly when the psychopath everyone believed to be dead sets-out on a horrific killing spree, and Amy and her friends must do whatever it takes to survive.”

Remember – Friday Oct. 17th is when you can pick this one up!



by: Dave Dreher

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