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Mike Mendez Returns To Spiders With ‘LAVALANTULA’

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Director Mike Mendez kick all kinds of spider ass in his last project ‘Big Ass Spider’.  A great film and it would appear that Mendez enjoyed it so much that he can’t leave his eight legged friends.  Entertainment Weekly is reporting that he is on board to direct ‘Lavalantula’ for SyFy Channel.

Imagine humongous fire breathing Tarantulas heading your way!  How can you not be on board, seriously?

As if Mike Mendez making a flick about giant fire breathing tarantulas isn’t enough to brighten your day we also have a Police Academy reunion of sorts as the cast includes Steve Guttenberg, Leslie Easterbrook and Michael Winslow who of course all starred int he popular comedy franchise.

Nia Peeples is also on board.

No official plot synopsis but what else do you need to know.  Giant fire breathing tarantulas attack LA.  I’m in!

Do have some kick ass artwork – check this out!


The film is currently in production – expect to hear much more about this soon!

by: Dave Dreher

Source:  EW

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