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Mick Garris Launches New Website And YouTube Channel

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Mick Garris has been a staple in the horror genre for quite some time.  Known primarily for his turns in the directors chair – particularly in bringing Stephen King adaptations to life and of course for being the driving force behind ‘Masters of Horror’ – it turns out that he also has a knack for journalism.  Actually it’s where he cut his teeth in the business and he’s kept his hand in forum by interviewing modern masters of the genre.

Some of you may remember his show ‘Post Mortem’ that once aired on the now defunct ‘FearNet’ channel.  When the channel went away so did Mick’s outlet for getting his interviews out to the fans – until now.

Mr. Garris has gone and created himself a website that coincides with a YouTube Channel and between the two sites you will now be able to see his wares in one easy to use format.

He’s kicked things off by posting up some John Carpenter coolness that if you haven’t yet viewed it you’re going to want to make it a priority – and if you’ve seen it before, it’s time to watch it again.

You can CLICK HERE to visit the new page or CLICK HERE to view and subscribe to the YouTube Channel.  You’ll be glad you did!


by: Dave Dreher

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