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The Madness Will Spread! ‘Contracted: Phase II’ Gets A Greenlight

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Think of it what you will but one thing you can’t take away from ‘Contracted’ was that fact that it offered up some pretty disturbing body horror imagery and apparently the folks at IFC Midnight want to see where things head now that the virus is loose as they have given the green-light to ‘Contracted: Phase II’.

‘Phase II’ will pick up right were we left things telling the tale of:

“as newly-infected Riley (Matt Mercer) scrambles to track down those responsible for the outbreak and discovers a larger conspiracy that threatens to infect the world.”
Matt Mercer and Alice MacDonald will return from the first romp with Peter Cilella, Marianna Palka, Morgan Peter Brown, Laurel Vail, Anna Lore and Suzanne Voss joining in on the fun as the virus spreads.

Josh Forbes will direct from a script by Craig Walendziak.’


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