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So, What Happened To ‘The Green Inferno’?

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It would appear as if once again the almighty buck is getting in the way of horror fans and their films.  Eli Roth’s latest flick – a nice little cannibal flick titled ‘The Green Inferno’ has fallen subject to some infighting between the production company and the distributor over publicity and advertising for the release and as a result the Sept. 5 release date has been scrubbed with no future plans on letting this one see the light of day.

The film made a pretty loud debut when it played last year in Toronto and the trailer made its way online shortly after.  Those lucky enough to have seen it have praised it and for it to have been pulled so close to its roll out is actually a pretty stupid move – in my opinion.   The film had pretty much already sold itself by word of mouth alone and a long stretch with no movement will likely kill any chance of this one making a buzz.

Reports range from ‘The Green Inferno’ being DOA to a potential VOD to Blu-ray release in the near future.  Truth is – no one know for sure.  Just keep it here and when anything concrete finds its way to me, you’ll be the first to know.


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by: Dave Dreher

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