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‘Girl In Woods’ Emerges Onto VOD In June

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Seems that things hiding in the woods is a bit of a rage now – The Forest of course was just in theaters and now we have Girl In Woods which will be making it way to a lot of you via VOD.

June 3rd is the chosen date and it appears that it will be pretty much cross platform via cable outlets and VOD sources.  Only one noticeably missing it Time Warner but with them beginning to roll out their new found company since joining forces with Charter – it might just be an oversight.  I would still check my VOD menu on the 3rd – wouldn’t surprise me if it pops up there.

So – Girl In Woods – what the hell is it all about?  Here’s a synopsis and trailer for you to chew on.

The death of her fiancé (Jeremy London) leaves Grace (Juliet Reeves) abandoned in a harsh mountain wilderness. Struggling against the elements and fighting off starvation, the fragile shell of her sanity begins to crack. Soon her struggle worsens when she notices a dark figure stalking her, watching her every step. Through memories of her mother (Charisma Carpenter) and father (Lee Perkins), Grace finds a long-forgotten truth about herself. It is this secret, long hidden away, that will either lead her to safety or down a path of horror beyond anything she could comprehend.


by: Dave Dreher

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