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Get Inside The Movie In This New Clip From ‘The Final Girls’

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‘The Final Girls’ is playing now – in theaters hit and miss and most definitely see it there if you can but for the rest of us – it’s on VOD as well.  I just watched it last night and damn, it is one of the best of the year for sure.  Really enjoyed it.  To assist in getting the word out the folks behind the film have unleashed a new clip upon us.  Have a peek and then we’ll talk some more.

Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, Thomas Middleditch, Adam DeVine, Alia Shawkat, Alexander Ludwig, and Nina Dobrev all star and they are all spectacular.  The storyline is a fun as it is original, check it out:

“Max is a high school senior who is mysteriously transported with her friends into a 1980s horror film that starred Max’s celebrated scream queen mother. Trapped inside the movie, Max finds herself reunited with her mom, who she lost in real life. Together with Max’s friends, they must fend off the camp counselors’ raging hormones, battle a deranged machete-wielding killer and find a way to escape the movie and make it back home.”

Surprisingly touching and heartfelt ‘The Final Girls’ pay homage to the slasher genre we all love so well while completely reinventing things with some great storytelling.  Do yourself a favor – find it and watch it.


Source:  AITH

by: Dave Dreher


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