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Director Rodney Ascher Documents ‘The Nightmare’

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Horror documentaries – we need more to them I say and it seems that director Rodney Ascher feels the same.  He drew a lot of attention with his last effort, a quirky and entertaining look at ‘The Shining’ called ‘Room 237’.  If you haven’t checked it out yet – make it happen.  I think it’s streaming on Netflix so you have no excuse.

Ascher’s latest effort is titled ‘The Nightmare’ and with a title like that you would expect the film to take a look at nightmares and guess what?  That’s exactly what it does.  Ascher explains:

“This project was a once in a lifetime opportunity to cross-breed two genres I love, documentary and horror. After exploring people’s real-life waking nightmares in long, free-flowing personal interviews, it was a bizarre trip through the looking glass to bring them to life and get lost inside of them on the set,”
The official film synopsis is as follows:
“THE NIGHTMARE follows the disturbing investigation into the demonic visions experienced by victims of sleep paralysis and provoked by Ascher’s own unsettling experiences with the condition.”
This baby is all done and ready to be checked out.  They are showing a trailer at TIFF this week so hopefully we will all be getting a look at that soon and it will all lead to the film landing some distribution and get in on our home theater screens.
All this leads up to the fact that they have made available the first still from the film, and it’s a creepy one, check this out and keep it here for updated info as it comes in.

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