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‘Dead Air’ Looking To Bring Metal, Babes and Monsters To The Friendly Skies

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A new fun sounding little monster flick is trying to find its way out of the gate – titled Dead Air it’s looking to bring some of the very things that make life worth living together in one nice little package.  Here’s the notion:

“Set on a plane traveling to a final gig, Dead Air tells the story of Monster Kitten, an all female punk rock band who end up on a flight with some nasty little creatures who like to bite and infect their victims to the point of all hell breaking loose at 30,000 feet. With the help of their instruments, a tape recorder, a dodgy crew member and a bottle of piss, the girls try to fend off the evil to get to play their final gig.”

They are looking for start-up funds via an Indiegogo campaign – here’s their pitch video.

Stacy Hart, Charlie Bond, Kate Marie Davies, Johanna Stanton, David Schaal, Dan Palmer, and James Hamer-Morton are the stars of the project  – Geoff Harmer directs from a script by Peter Hearn.  A promise of some genre legends being added to the fray has been made but nothing can be confirmed till funding is in place.  While the idea is to bring this one to us in a short film version – who knows – if they raise enough, maybe they’ll be able to venture into full length feature territory.

If you would like to lend a hand in getting this one in front of the camera – go check out their Indiegogo page.