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Loon (2015)


DIRECTOR:  Brandon Tobatto

SCREENPLAY: Brandon Tobatto

CAST: Trevor Moates, Ryan Gray, Tara Moates

SYNOPSIS:  A brother and sister journey to uncover the mystery of an old abandoned carnival attraction and the maniac that supposedly thrives within.




Lift, The (1983) NETHERLANDS


DIRECTOR:  Dick Maas


CAST:   Huub Stapel, Willeke van Ammelrooy, Josine va Dalsum

SYNOPSIS:   An elevator mysteriously begins to function intelligently on its own, where victims who go near the elevator or use it are killed.





Night Walker, The (1964)



DIRECTOR:  William Castle

SCREENPLAY: Robert Bloch

CAST:  Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck, Lloyd Bochner

SYNOPSIS:  A woman is haunted by recurring nightmares, which seem to be instigated by her late husband who supposedly was killed in a fire.


Not only is this film quite good, but the opening sequence is very unique and surprisingly creepy.
It amounts to a 2-minute pastiche of psychedelic imagery and absurd, horrifying visuals.
I would call it Bunuel-esque (perhaps some Dali notes too).
And the narration by Paul Frees (sounding oh-so Orson Welles) makes it even more special.

But don’t stop there.  Watch the entire film for some creepy visuals, make-up, sets, sounds and bad dreams.
Barbara Stanwyck’s screams are a bit over the top but you’ll learn to live with it.

-Nick P

Ambulance, The (1990)


DIRECTOR:   Larry Cohen

SCREENPLAY:   Larry Cohen

CAST:   Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones, Red Buttons, Janine Turner, Megan Gallagher, Eric Braeden

SYNOPSIS  Josh Baker (Eric Roberts) meets a very special woman (Janine Turner) on his lunch break in Manhattan.
The woman suddenly collapses and is picked up by a strange ambulance. Josh tries to visit her in the hospital but she was never admitted.    Soon other people begin disappearing at the hands of this ambulance. It’s up to Josh to solve the secret behind this strange vehicle.    Look for cameo appearance by Stan Lee in the Marvel Comics offices.