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Rise of the Machines – Review of Santiago Fradejas: Chamber Works vol 1 The Lower Sky by Leo Zaccari

Santiago Fradejas

Chamber Works vol 1 The Lower Sky



The Lower Sky vol 1 is a collection of what could be called experimental contemporary classical industrial. It’s not for those who like to put labels on things and place them neatly into boxes. Freeform expression does not fit in a box, nor should it. The Lower Sky is ambient industrial machine music meets horror film background music with a classical twist.

Tracks like “The Womb” with its atmospheric creepy sounds evoke a horror film soundtrack kind of vibe. While “Wake Up To The Blinking Lights” is the horror film itself; heavy metal guitars battle monstrous space creatures bent on human destruction. “Spawn Monsters” is self-explanatory, although thankfully the only monsters spawned were in the wonderful imagination of Fradejas himself. “The Dream of Reason” is a beautiful interlude that breaks up the industrial machine soundscapes with magnificent if frantic piano. “Oniorphiliac” sounds quite like the brilliant and tortured tale of a long suffering Tesla Coil gone that has finally snapped. “I Am The Room” closes out the album with intriguingly creepy guitar and the anticipation of terror that lies just around the corner.

Perhaps the masterpiece of this album is “The Angelic Flesh” with its wailing guitar, machine, electric distortion, and hypnotic percussion is equal parts tribal ceremony and alien invasion. This one track is worth the price of admission for the entire album. This is an album best listened to with headphones as you will catch the sounds scurrying back and forth between your headphones like some restless spirit searching for release.


Horror-ible Art by Brent Engstrom

Brent Engstrom is a Kansas native and has been drawing since the age of two or three. He grew up with a twin brother who is also an artist. Brent currently illustrates for Nickelodeon and Mad Kids Magazine, among other publications.


He is a Topps veteran artist and paints Wacky Packages, Hollywood Zombies and Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. Brent also commits to personal projects, such as his comic creation “Monkeyboy” and showing art in galleries.


Recently, he painted a vinyl toy for the Osaka Pop Star Devil Dog Art Show. He enjoys family life with his wife, Tracy, and one-year-old miniature schnauzer, Jackson.

Contact Brent Engstrom at: