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‘Species’ Gets The Scream Factory Blu-ray Treatment

Known for their kick ass Collector’s Edition releases – Scream Factory has set the standard by which all other horror releases are gauged and they just keep on pumping them out.  The latest classic to get the treatment is the “hot alien must have sex” classic – Species.

A duel disc  – this one is just stuffed with special features:

Special Features:

Disc One:

  • NEW 4K scan of the film’s inter-positive
  • Audio Commentary with Natasha Henstridge, Michael Madsen and director Roger Donaldson
  • Audio Commentary with director Roger Donaldson, make-up effects creator Steve Johnson, visual effects supervisor Richard Edlund and producer Frank Mancuso Jr.

Disc Two:

  • NEW Afterbirth: The Evolution of SPECIES featuring interviews with director Roger Donaldson, cinematographer Andzej Bartkowiak, production designer John Muto, composer Christopher Young, creature designer Steve Johnson, chrysalis supervisor Billy Bryan and “Sil” creature supervisor Norman Cabrera
  • From Sil To Eve – an interview with actress Natasha Henstridge
  • Engineering Life
  • HR Giger At Work
  • The Making Of Species: The Origin, The Concept, The Discovery
  • Designing A Hybrid
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Alternate Ending
  • Photo Galleries (Production Design, Creature Designs, Film Stills, Behind the Scenes photos, posters and lobby cards)

As they always do – Scream Factory commissioned some new artwork to grace the release – check this beauty out!

July 11th is when you’ll be able to pick this one up – unless you would rather pre-order it and snag yourself a print of that new cover art.

Blood Sucking Takes A Dramatic Turn In the Trailer For ‘Aaron’s Blood’

And you think raising a teenager is tough – try having your kid become a vampire.  The trailer for Aaron’s Blood looks to weave such a tale but not much of a comedic twist in this one.  Drama and hardship is dished out in pretty heavy doses.  Have a look:

It’s synopsis time:

“Aaron copes with his new life as a single father and the distant relationship he shares with his only child Tate. A timid hemophiliac, Tate is roughed up at school by the chief bully causing a massive nosebleed that lands him in the hospital fighting for his life. He makes a miraculous recovery after a necessary blood transfusion, but Aaron begins to notice progressively strange behaviors in his son. Faced with the grim possibility that his son could be becoming a vampire, Aaron enlists the help of a local vampire hunter and embarks on a frantic search to find the source of the infection to stop the transformation before it’s too late.”

James Martinez, Trevor Stovall, Farah White and Michael Chieffo are the headliners and Tommy Stovall directs.

Watch for a VOD roll out on June 6th and they mention a theatrical run on June 2nd but I’ve got a feeling that’s going to be major markets only so – keep that June 6th date in mind.


Celebrate 5 Years Of Scream Factory With These Steel Book Releases

It’s hard to believe that we are five years into the run of Scream Factory – the genre off shoot of Shout Factory and providers of some of the most well-produced  Collector Editon Blu-rays on the market.  Consistently awing us with must own products they’ve decided to celebrate their fifth year in style with some killer steel book rollouts of some classic John Carpenter properties.

From their press statement:

“It’s hard to believe at times, but our brand is now five years old. Naturally, we wanted to celebrate this milestone with something cool that would be true to our retro roots and would make a big splash. As you already know, we’ve been very successful with our John Carpenter films so we looked to some of our older releases of his for inspiration. We then remembered the question we posed sometime years ago to you about your thoughts on Steelbook® packaging, and the response was extremely strong.”

Featuring brand new artwork by Nathaniel Marsh – the discs themselves will be the same content on the already released Blu-rays but…wait till you see these steel books – you’re going to want them on your shelf.  Heading our way are Escape From New York, The Fog and They Live.  The pressings will be limited to 10,000 each so if you want one – I wouldn’t mess around.  Head on over to the Scream Factory website and pre-order these suckers and you’ll also get a lovely rolled lithograph of the artwork – it’s worth it just for that!  Check out this artwork:

Order away!




‘Dead Air’ Looking To Bring Metal, Babes and Monsters To The Friendly Skies

A new fun sounding little monster flick is trying to find its way out of the gate – titled Dead Air it’s looking to bring some of the very things that make life worth living together in one nice little package.  Here’s the notion:

“Set on a plane traveling to a final gig, Dead Air tells the story of Monster Kitten, an all female punk rock band who end up on a flight with some nasty little creatures who like to bite and infect their victims to the point of all hell breaking loose at 30,000 feet. With the help of their instruments, a tape recorder, a dodgy crew member and a bottle of piss, the girls try to fend off the evil to get to play their final gig.”

They are looking for start-up funds via an Indiegogo campaign – here’s their pitch video.

Stacy Hart, Charlie Bond, Kate Marie Davies, Johanna Stanton, David Schaal, Dan Palmer, and James Hamer-Morton are the stars of the project  – Geoff Harmer directs from a script by Peter Hearn.  A promise of some genre legends being added to the fray has been made but nothing can be confirmed till funding is in place.  While the idea is to bring this one to us in a short film version – who knows – if they raise enough, maybe they’ll be able to venture into full length feature territory.

If you would like to lend a hand in getting this one in front of the camera – go check out their Indiegogo page.

A Clip And Trailer Warn Us Of The Dangers Of ‘The Black Room’

They say this one hits theaters this weekend but – I can’t find it playing anywhere around me – maybe some of you in major markets can catch it.  The Black Room is also due to hit VOD on May 9th so we should all get to cop a look then.

For now though – I’ve got the trailer and nice little clip that certainly sets up this little haunted house thriller well.

Starring Natasha Henstridge, Lin Shaye and Dominique Swain and directed by Rolfe Kanefsky  The Black Room goes like this:

Paul and Jennifer Hemdale have just moved into their dream house. But their happy marriage is about to be put to the test as they slowly discover the secret behind the black room in the cellar. Something else is already living in their new home and it is growing stronger every day.

Here are the trailer and clip I teased:

Let me know if anyone gets to see this one in the theaters – and everyone else – remember that May 9th VOD rollout.