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Bloody Bucket Road Horror History

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Bloody Bucket Road
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Bloody Bucket Road

A century ago, there was a former slave woman serving the folks of Wauchula as a mid-wife. She became concerned that people where having more babies than they could afford to feed. To ease her concerns, she began to smother the babies and bury their bodies near the Griffin Road Bridge. With so many babies in her care dying, people began to get suspicious. The townsfolk began to refuse her services, and the woman went crazy.

As the legend goes, the souls of all the murdered babies began to plague her by filling her bucket with blood. She started hauling all the buckets of blood to the bridge to empty them into the river. On one such trip to the bridge, she fell into the river and drowned. They say the river ran red with blood for days after her death, hence the name Bloody Bucket Bridge.

Some claim that to this day, when the moon is full, the river still runs red with blood of all the babies she murdered. A few people claim they have heard babies crying in the river, and the sound of thrashing in the water as if someone is drowning!

There are those that say the whole story was made up by an amateur horror writer for a Halloween contest, and others say the road got its name due to an old bar that used to sit by the bridge called the Bloody Bucket. The only way to know if the legend is true is to visit the bridge during the full moon! It’s easy to find, it’s the only bridge on Bloody Bucket Road in Wauchula, Florida!

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