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Biospies – Zakes Mokae

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Zakes Mokae Biography

Date of Birth August 5, 1934 Johannesburg, South Africa

22dbe87ad6d2ca1e7bc5c779d7c809bdZakes Mokae was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, moved to Great Britain in 1961 and to the United States in 1969. He turned to acting at the same time as playwright Athol Fugard was emerging. The two worked together on Fugard’s first international success, The Blood Knot. Later Mokae worked with Fugard on another major international success Master Harold and the Boys, for which Mokae won the 1982 Tony Award for Featured Actor in a Play.

His major films are split between anti-apartheid films such as A Dry White Season, Cry Freedom and A World of Strangers, and cult horror films such as Dust Devil, The Serpent and the Rainbow and Vampire In Brooklyn, the latter two were directed by horror icon Wes Craven. He also appears in character roles in many films. On television, he has been a guest actor in many series such as The West Wing, Starsky and Hutch, Danger Man, The X-Files, Oz, Monk and Knight Rider.

In 1975, American writer-filmmaker, Eon Chontay Cjohnathan gave birth to Zakes Mokae’s only child, Santlo Chontay Mokae.

Mokae died from complications of a stroke on September 11, 2009 in Las Vegas.

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