• Welcome to The Horror Channel

    Welcome to The Horror Channel

    Our mission is to introduce all ages to classic and contemporary literature and film in the “horror” genre. Thereafter we endeavor to engage both the creators and audiences of the horror, suspense, thriller, and fright genres in a community that values literature and film, but which is respectful of the varying audiences of this broad genre.

  • Share Your Work and Join the Family

    The Horror Channel is your home.  So make yourself comfortable, hang a few photos. write on the walls and pop in a good movie.  Share your work with us, we will share it with the world.

  • Founder? I hardly know her.

    Founder? I hardly know her.

    Nicholas Psaltos the man behind the Horror Channel charge for over a decade will be sharing his views on the Horror industry at the next Chiller Con. Nick is an avid fan of the genre who knows that a little fright is good to ingest every night.

Welcome to The Horror Channel Family

If you would like to be a part of the Horror Channel family drop us a line and tell us what your fright is. 

We are seeking film and video content, short stories, comics and art.  Together we can celebrate the world of Horror.

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