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A Look At The Practical FX Of ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’

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While you can’t say that ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ is a surprise hit I think you could accurately state that it’s an unlikely one.  When Starz first announced their plans to bring Ash back some 30 years after his last battle with the Deadites, fans were interested but for the most part nonplussed about the return of the horror icon.  Would Bruce Campbell be able o recapture the beautiful snarkyness that is Ash?  Would Sam Raimi and company be able to rekindle the love affair with fans?

The answer is a resounding YES!  It’s practically perfect on just about every level and it works because because everyone involved is going out of their way to remain true to the original vision.  A huge part of that is the use of practical FX.  There is some CG in the show and it is glaring obvious when they go there – in part because the practical FX are so damn good.

Starz just spit out a nice little behind the scenes look at the creation of the blood and gore and it’s more than worth your time to check it out!

‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ airs on Saturday nights at 9 PM on Starz.  They repeat the hell out of the previous episodes as well so if you’ve yet to sign up for the service – you have plenty of chances to catch up with Ash and the gang.  Trust me, it’s worth the $10 a month.


by: Dave Dreher

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