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Universal Unveils Their ‘Dark Universe’

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We’ve been touting the arrival of this new era – the relaunching if you will – of the classic Universal films as they attempt to tie them all together into one solid storyline – it’s what all the cool kids are doing now what with Marvel and DC and the like raking in billions with their non-stop onslaught of superhero fare.  Why not do it with the classic monster’s – right?

So – now this endeavor has a name – it is official been dubbed Universal’s Dark Universe.   Via a lengthy press release, Universal let loose with a tidal wave of information.  First up – there’s a new logo for this new cinematic universe!

As we all are already aware – this Dark Universe kicks off next month with the release of The Mummy – the foundation for the whole Dark Universe thread will be laid with this film – this was already known.  What we didn’t know was what Monster and which film would be the follow-up.  The press release answers that question:

“In another exciting development, Oscar® winner Bill Condon will follow his worldwide smash Beauty and the Beast, one of this year’s biggest hits—which crossed $1 billion at the global box office and became the most successful musical of all time—by directing Bride of Frankenstein, from a screenplay by Koepp. The next film from Dark Universe, Bride of Frankenstein will be released on Thursday, February 14, 2019.

In a related move, Universal announced that it will not release a Dark Universe film as previously planned for April 13, 2018, and that Bride will instead be the next chapter in the unspooling series of movies following this year’s The Mummy. The actress chosen to play the lead role in Condon’s version of this timeless story will be announced soon.

“I’m very excited to bring a new Bride of Frankenstein to life on screen, particularly since James Whale’s original creation is still so potent,” stated Condon. “The Bride of Frankenstein remains the most iconic female monster in film history, and that’s a testament to Whale’s masterpiece—which endures as one of the greatest movies ever made.”

Composer Danny Elfman has come on board – his composed the wraparound music that will play when that Dark Universe logo fills the screen  here’s what he had to say about his involvement:

“From his first score on Tim Burton’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and his iconic theme for The Simpsons—not to mention his collaborations with filmmakers including Ang Lee, David O. Russell, Sam Raimi, Rob Marshall, Guillermo del Toro, Joss Whedon and Peter Jackson—four-time Academy Award® nominee Danny Elfman’s inimitable compositions have vaulted him into one of the most versatile and accomplished composers in history.

“I grew up on monsters,” said Elfman. “Monsters were my life, and these iconic Universal monsters were almost like my family. I simply wouldn’t be the same without them. When I got the opportunity to compose a theme for the Dark Universe logo, of course I jumped at it. What could be more fun than connecting to this world that has always been so deeply imbedded in my psyche? I tried to find something that was new but still had some connections with the past—the origins—at least in a subtle way. Something that was looking forward to a creative, fertile, imaginative future that Dark Universe will enter, and at the same time saluting the heritage of the tragic heroes (or anti-heroes) of my childhood. To the Monsters!!!!”

The last thing the press release touted was a group shot of all of our principle stars that have been cast to date.  Mainly – the cast of The Mummy – Tom Cruise,  Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe – along with Javier Bardem who they have announced will play Frankenstein’s Monster in Bride of Frankenstein and Johnny Depp who shall be The Invisible Man.  Check it out!

As I mentioned above – it all kicks off on June 9th with The Mummy.  We are going to be talking about these films for a long time to come so settle in and lets watch this Universe unfold.