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Review of Orbit Beyond from Dawn Tuesday by Leo Zaccari

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Orbit Beyond from Alaskan native Dawn Tuesday, is not just a music track, it’s an all encompassing musical quest unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Its so intense that you should be required to fill out a stack of disclaimers before listening, but luckily for us, you don’t need to waste any time with boring paperwork. While Phil Spector pioneered his “wall of sound”, Dawn Tuesday immerses you in an entire “world of sound”. Categorized as drone or ambient sound, Orbit Beyond also contains elements of experimental electronic, dark ambient, industrial, and esoteric.

Spanning a colossal forty minutes, Orbit Beyond will take you on a musical journey that will leave you spellbound. Unrelenting synthesizers capture your imagination and take you to far off realms of the surreal and fantastic. Imagine being trapped in a forty minute loop of intense sensory deprivation; a literal whiteout of the senses, but without all the icky insanity associated with that type of thing. That’s the genius that is Orbit Beyond.  It sounds like something that was literally created in another dimension by menacing space gods intent on overwhelming your senses, controlling your brain, and leaving you in thrall to their cosmic powers, but in a good way. It’s all at once mind bendingly trippy and menacing, and yet accessible enough to listen to on your device of choice in the solitude of your own home (please see above paragraph about disclaimers). This is clearly music for the music lover crafted with care by a music lover.

Dawn Tuesday is a native of Kodiak, Alaska, who makes electronic music (and yes, that’s her real name). You can find more of her atmospheric dark ambient music such as False Color, Souls Troubled, and Above Clouds, here: https://soundcloud.com/dawntuesday.

Orbit Beyond: https://dawntuesday.bandcamp.com/album/orbit-beyond