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AMC Teases The Last Half Of ‘The Walking Dead S6’

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The wait is about over!  The second half – 8 episodes – of The Walking Dead is almost upon us.  One more week to go my friends and I for one am hoping we can get far, far away from the dancing around, screwing around and all out shark jumping that occurred in the first half of the season.  C’mon folks, seriously – did any of you buy the whole Glenn on a dumpster BS they tried to shove down our throats?

But, that’s behind us and the mid season finale left us with some promising cliffhangers so – let’s forgive and forget and get back to some kick ass story telling, shall we?

AMC has chugged out a new tease to start the week long build up to the second half premiere and while they go out of their way to tell us absolutely nothing new, they do manage to amp up the tension a bit.

Next Sunday – Valentine’s Day – Feb. 14th, that is the day you need to remember.

Check out the video!


by: Dave Dreher