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‘Hannibal’ Makes A Reservation To Return

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By now we are normally knee deep in the craziness that is NBC’s ‘Hannibal’ and I would be lying if I didn’t share that I was a bit disappointed when we found out that the much anticipated return of the hit show would be delayed till summer but, all is forgiven now as NBC has finally confirmed a return date.

Thursday June 4th is the day to set all you reminders for.

NBC also revealed that Zachary Quinto will be holding down a guest starring gig this season.

We have been promised that things will delve deeper into the Red Dragon end of things this season and we get Richard Armitage taking his turn as Francis Dollarhyde and genre fave Neil Marshall behind the lens for an episode, all right I’m pissed I have to wait till June again.

Nothing to do but wait I guess.  Remember, June 4th, NBC, be there.


by: Dave Dreher