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IFC Midnight Is Heading To ‘The Hallow’

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Corin Hardy’s latest film ‘The Hallow’ is being touted as a “creature feature” and there is nothing wrong with that, nothing better than a good, old fashioned monster flick and it appear that this may be just that.  We’ll find out soon enough as IFC Midnight has taken the reigns of making sure this one get out to the fans.

The film played Sundance recently where it received rave reviews for all you viewed.  So, what’s it about you ask?  Here’s your breakdown:

The film deals with  “a secluded forest land in rural Ireland, where dwells an ancient evil. Feared by the nearby superstitious villagers as cursed creatures who prey upon the lost, their secrets have been kept from civilization and remain on their hallowed ground. But when a conservationist from London moves in with his wife and infant child in order to survey the land for future construction, his actions unwittingly disturb the horde of demonic forces. Alone in a remote wilderness, he must now ensure his family’s survival from their relentless attacks.”

No release info but there will be further updates soon so hang around and I’ll keep you informed.



by: Dave Dreher