Celebrate The Release of ‘Fear Clinic’ With The New Video From ‘Stone Sour’

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Today brings the release of ‘Fear Clinic’ which stars Robert Englund and a certain lead vocalist some of you may have heard of.  Corey Taylor makes his feature film debut alongside Mr. Englund and does a pretty damn fine job as well I might add.  Mr. Taylor is of course known as the lead madman for Slipknot as well as the immensely popular Stone Sour and it’s that band the has a cut on the soundtrack for the film.  It’s titled ‘The Dark’ and I’ve got the video just for you:

The film has its Blu-ray debut today Tuesday Feb. 10th and if you don’t have the money to go pick one up why not try to win a copy?  We’re giving away a Blu-ray over at Horror News Radio – we reviewed the film last week so you can check that out while you’re there as well.  Head on over and put you name in the hat and see what happens.


by: Dave Dreher