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A Trailer Shambles Out Of The Woods For ‘Love In The Time Of Monsters’

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Wow, has it really been almost 3 years since we first talked about the Kane Hodder starring ‘Love In The Time Of Monsters’?  You bet your hairy bigfoot ass it’s been but the good news is, we finally have a release date and on top of that, an actual trailer.  Before we watch the video goodies, here’s what this ones all about, it’s a crazy one!

“Two sisters lost their father in a horrific accident at a roadside attraction when they were children. Now, 15 years later, they venture to “Uncle Slavko’s All American Family Lodge” to surprise their fiancée, who works as a costumed Sasquatch performer on the local “See the Bigfoot!” tour. Due to a freak accident, he and his coworkers fall victim to a super cocktail of toxic waste that transforms them into primal, psychotic killers! Now, the sisters have to choose whether to kill him or help find a way to save his life. However, as the toxic ooze begins to build to critical mass in the swamp and also contaminate the local forest wildlife the only option left seems to be: kill or be killed!

It’s a fight for survival for rednecks, bimbos, Latino lotharios and Croatian capitalists. Love in the Time of Monsters is a suspenseful, hilarious horror film that weaves its outrageous tale of love and zombie bigfeet through the dark woods of Northern California.”

Kane Hodder in a bigfoot costume?  Shit, I’m there.

Check out the crazy ass trailer!

Feb. 17 brings the VOD and DVD.