A New Trailer And Release Date For ‘Ninjas Vs. Monsters’

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Here at ‘The Horror Channel’ we love ourselves some Eduardo Sanchez, lets face it ‘Exists’ was one of last years best horror films and one of (if not) the best Bigfoot movies ever.  He has a new project that is finally making its way to the fans and this time he’s on board as a producer.  The film is titled ‘Ninjas Vs. Monsters’, here’s a quick synopsis followed by the trailer:

“Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Werewolf, and a coven of sexy Witches battle the high-flying Ninjas in an all new action/horror/comedy from the makers of “Ninjas vs Vampires” and “Ninjas vs Zombies”

Feb. 6th brings this one to VOD and DVD.


by: Dave Dreher