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David E. Kelley Hitches A Ride With ‘Mr. Mercedes’

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While not a complete stranger to the horror fold screenwriter David E. Kelley is most known for his work on TV shows like Ally Mcbeal but we all know him from the giant croc flick ‘Lake Placid’ and he’s returning to horror this year as he will be adapting Stephen King’s ‘Mr. Mercedes’ for a yet to be determined TV release.

‘Mr. Mercedes’ is one of Kings newer novels and tells the tale of a retired police detective lured back to an unsolved case that has troubled him for years, the case of a madman who used a stolen Mercedes to plow down a group of people and seems primed to maybe get behind the wheel once again.

Kelley seems excited to be on board for the project, here’s what he had to say on the matter:

“This is an amazing opportunity to adapt a script from material penned by one of the world’s most acclaimed and accomplished authors. Mr. Mercedes is a great story that will translate beautifully to the screen if I don’t mess it up.”

No word yet on exactly where we’ll be seeing this one but it is a TV adaptation so it could end up virtually anywhere, keep it here and I’ll keep you in the know.