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Take A “Peep” At Season Three Of ‘Bates Motel’

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Hard to believe we are gearing up for the third season of what (to me) seemed like a really odd idea for a weekly show but, Bates Motel has been a huge hit for for A&E and season three is just around the corner.

The network has just posted up a little tease urging us all to catch up on all the goings on at the iconic hotel.  Have a look.

March 15th brings the debut of Season Three and as the pitch informs you – go check everything out on Netflix.  I was a big fan of season one but fell behind a bit during season two so I’ll be taking the time to make sure and catch up.  The tease really makes it look (and sound) like we might be moving into some territory from the film (the peephole and the shower running in the background) so I’m interested once again.


by: Dave Dreher