Stephen King And Peter Straub Returning To The World Of ‘The Talisman’ Once Again

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Great news for Stephen King and Peter Straub fans as word has broke today that the pair will once again be joining forces and will produce a third chapter in their long running series of ‘The Talisman’.  The original work was published in 1984 and they followed that up with “Black House’ in 2001.  According to Lilja’s Library they are gearing up to write the third and presumable final installment in the series.  Here’s what was reported:

“King gave us some very interesting news yesterday at the reading in Washington, D.C. about the third book about Jack Sawyer. King confirmed that it was supposed to be a trilogy and that he had already worked out the framework for the third book in his head. He also said he hoped to write it with Peter Straub during next year.

After reading this I emailed Peter who confirmed that the plan is to write the book next year. So, very good news for all fans of The Talisman and Black House!”

From Lilja’s Library:”

Exciting news indeed!  Keep it here and I’ll make sure updates are posted as warranted.



by: Dave Dreher