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It’s “Tape Or Die” In The New Trailer For ‘Mockingbird’

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Coming our way from director Bryan Bertino – he was the guy behind ‘The Strangers’ – is a new twist on the ‘found footage’ sub genre.  It’s titled ‘Mockingbird and the official story breakdown describes it as follows:

“Three individuals each receive an anonymous, unmarked video camera and a horrific ultimatum to continue filming… or die. Experience the terror through the eyes of these unsuspecting victims, with a chain of found-footage events so real and absolutely dreadful, you’ll have to watch it again to believe it.”

A trailer made its way to the net today – take a look!

Here’s the weird thing – the movie is out now on VOD. That’s right – the trailer has come out after the film is available. An interesting marketing technique.

So, check you favorite VOD platform now and give this one a whirl.