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Relive The 70’s With Scream Factory – ‘The Food of the Gods’ and ‘Frogs’ Heading To Blu

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Hardly a week goes by that I don’t have some kind of news to throw your way from the folks at ‘Scream Factory’ and today brings news of a couple of “animals run amok” flicks from the good old 70’s will be heading our way next year.

‘Scream Factory’ has announced that next year they will release a double feature Blu-ray featuring both ‘Food of the Gods’ and ‘Frogs’.  If you’re not familiar with the titles – here’s a breakdown:

‘The Food of the Gods’ goes like this:

Morgan and his friends are on a hunting trip on a remote Canadian island when they are attacked by a swarm of giant wasps. Looking for help, Morgan stumbles across a barn inhabited by an enormous killer chicken. After doing some exploring, they discover the entire island is crawling with animals that have somehow grown to giant size. The most dangerous of all of these, however, are the rats, who are mobilizing to do battle with the human intruders.

While ‘Frogs’ tells the following tale:
Jason Crockett is an aging, grumpy, physically disabled millionaire who invites his family to his island estate for his birthday celebration. Pickett Smith is a free-lance photographer who is doing a pollution layout for an ecology magazine. Jason Crockett hates nature, poisoning anything that crawls on his property. On the night of his birthday the frogs and other members of nature begin to pay Crockett back.

Check back as release date and special feature info should be heading our way soon!