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Lily Rabe Returning To ‘American Horror Story’

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Was wondering if this was going to happen or not.  Lily Rabe has been in every season of ‘American Horror Story’ and personally I loved her in ‘Coven’ but most agree that her most memorable character yet was that of Sister Mary Eunice in the second season of the show – that would have been ‘Asylum’.

If you’ve been watching ‘Freak Show’ at all (and I know you have) you have already seen one cross over between the ‘Asylum’ and ‘Freak Show’ seasons that being the character of Pepper as portrayed by Naomi Grossman.  Rabe will once again don the habit and reprise that memorable role as the Sister and we are going to find out how Pepper ends up at Briarcliff.

This is all going to go down in episode 10 – the winter cliffhnager.

American Horror Story: Freak Show airs on Wednesday nights at 10 pm on FX.




by: Dave Dreher