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Film Icons Do Battle In New Web Series ‘Slash/Up’

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A new web series is set to launch this Halloween season that is sure to interest at least a handful of genre fans.  Before we discuss the premiere episode lets review what the series hopes to accomplish as a whole.  They are quoted from their press statement that they intend to “pit a different set of retro movie/geek culture icons against each in a totally unique, story driven mashup, wrapped around by debate and commentary.”  The show is titled ‘Slash/Up’ and it looks like a lot of fun.

No better example of their intentions than this clip for episode one.  Yeah, we’ve got Sarah Connor taking on Jason Voorhees.

Don’t look too bad, does it?  The series kicks off on Oct. 14th.  Go ahead and bookmark their You Tube page now so you can keep up to date on all the latest

episodes heading your way.




by: Dave Dreher