Things Are Looking Grim In The Latest Teaser For ‘The Walking Dead’

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It appears as if the tough times are going to continue for our friends on ‘The Walking Dead’ when season five debuts on Oct. 12th.  Of course we left them all in a pretty precarious situation earlier this year as they found themselves looked in a box car with cannibal creeps ready to make some dinner but it appears as if a handful make it out and continue their trek to wherever the hell they are heading.

The tag line for this season is “Hunt or Be Hunted” and it appears that is exactly where they are going to head with things.  Rick seems hell bent on taking care of any threats before any threats take care of them and you know what that means – lots of sword swinging, zombie killing, head smashing fun!  Who will survive, who will be made into chilli?  Time will tell.

Oct. 12th, 9 PM, AMC – be there! (like you would be anywhere else)


by: Dave Dreher