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Mary Evelyn Ford Horror History

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Mary Evelyn Ford
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Mary Evelyn Ford

Pilots Knob is located in Marion, KY and it looks like local citizens do not recommend going to the area! It all began when in the late 1900’s a woman and her five year old daughter were charged with being witches. No legal hearings that would take too long. So they were both burned to death.

Can you imagine burning alive a little girl? Her name was Mary Evelyn Ford.

Now no one knows where the remains of her mother were placed. But, Mary Evelyn’s final resting spot is why no one goes to Pilots Knob at night.

The frightened town’s folk were afraid that little child would come back and haunt them and likely cast spells on them. So, she was buried in a cemetery at Pilots Knob in an unusual way. She was buried in a grave lined with steel. The casket was covered with concrete and gravel. Around the grave, which one can see to this day, they placed a white metal fence with interconnecting crosses. During the day time all is well, but at night Mary Evelyn is believed to rise from the grave and walk on her grave; some have reported seeing small footprints. But, she can’t climb over or through those crosses! But, if you happen to be standing too close, she can reach out and grab the unsuspecting individual and pull you into her grave, supposedly giving her more strength. She is reported to make faces at people to lure them closer so she can grab them.

Legend says that there is also a Watcher on the other side of her grave. It is thought to be some sort of an evil presence who keeps trying to get to the little girl, but he can’t cross over the crosses either.

Investigators were determined to view this cemetery and the grave and they made a mistake of being there at night. They report that they did not see any ghosts but some of the iron bars of the fence were bent strong steel. A big old tree overlooks the cemetery that looks burned. Likely from lightning of course but the trunk of that tree is rather spooky in itself. And though the investigators never saw one single unusual thing, there was something in the woods because they could hear it. Clomping footsteps and a feeling that something someone was watching. Suddenly the night air turned very cold. Deciding to leave, immediately, the temperature became very warm as they neared their car.

Who is this Watcher?

Some say it was a man who was murdered at the swinging bridge and haunts the little witch’s grave. Other strange things include tree branches around the cemetery that look like crosses right side up, sidewise or upside down. When the little girl appears, she looks like any 5 year old child. She’s wearing a white dress, which is scorched at the bottom. She has long blonde hair.

People are warned not to lay down on her grave because she is strong enough to pull you down.

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