‘We All Looked Up’ Lands A Movie Deal Long Before It’s Book Release

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You know you’ve written something special when movie companies are looking to option it almost a full year before it even comes out – and that is exactly what has happened with ‘We All Looked Up’.  Written by Tommy Wallach this debut effort has been picked up by Paramount Insurge which is the division of Paramount that handles it small budget work.

So, what is ‘We All Looked Up’ you ask?

The story takes places a couple of months prior to the Earth passing close to a meteor that has a 66.6 percent chance of hitting and ending all life on the planet.  We follow the lives of four high school seniors on the night of the possible strike.

The book doesn’t hit stands till March 31st of next year but that has stopped Paramount Insurge from snatching this sucker up as quick as they could.

John Davis will produce – he also produced Chroncile – for Davis Entertainment.

Most definitely one to keep a close eye on.  Can’t wait to check out the book!


by: Dave Dreher