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‘Sleepy Hollow S2’ Teaser Rides In

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Without a doubt, one of the biggest surprises of the 2013 TV season was the roaring success of Fox Networks ‘Sleepy Hollow’.  Fans really embraced the show and have patiently been waiting for almost a full year for Ichabod and the gang to get back on the horse (ha, get it!).

The wait is almost over – Sept. 22nd will bring the debut of season two on Fox and the group will once again be anchoring the Monday night line up.

The network let loose a new teaser trailer that is sure to whip the fan base into a frenzy.  Watch and love!

Oh, yeah –  a new teaser poster debuted as well:


While no breakdown for season two has officially been provided I think the tease does a pretty good job of peaking everyone’s interest.  C’mon September – lets get this party started!!

by: Dave Dreher