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Season Two Finale Of ‘Mountain Monsters’ Airs This Week – See What The Boys Are Up Against

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I love ‘Mountain Monsters’ – I actually think I’m addicted.  The show airs on Destination America and it is one of the most favorite parts of my week.  There are a ton of these types of shows out there but ‘Mountain Monsters’ has just got that something special that really sets it apart for the pack.

To the uninitiated, here’s what the show is about.

“Mountain Monsters’ allows us all to tag along as the AIMS team travels the Appalachians searching out myths, legends and all sorts of things that go bump in the night.  This is one of the wildest group of guys you would ever want to meet but at the end of the day – they actually end up doing a great investigation.

The show airs on Friday nights at 9 PM and this weekend actually brings a close to Season Two.  A special 2 hour episode wraps things up.  Here’s what the boys are messing with this week:

In Friday’s monster-sized two-hour finale, AIMS heads back to Perry County to settle unfinished business with their arch nemesis from last season: the Ohio Grassman. This nine-foot-tall, 1,000-pound creature is a member of the Bigfoot family and no stranger to human interaction. Locals are reporting that this gargantuan beast has recently been venturing dangerously close to human dwellings, and the AIMS crew has no time to waste finding out why he is expanding his territory before someone is hurt or killed. With a heavy dose of courage and the help of local moonshiners, these Appalachian trackers begin to unravel the mystery of what the Grassman is and why he is becoming more dangerous with each day that passes… but one team member won’t make it to the final hunt.

Seriously, give this one a little love – it’s a ton of fun.

Couldn’t get the clip to embed but give a click right here and head over and check out this little tidbit from the upcoming episode.

This episode airs this coming Friday July 25th at 9 PM on Destination America.


by: Dave Dreher