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The Horror Baker – Eat Her Work Before It Eats You!

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Her name is Christine McConnell and she is a photographer and artist by trade but of late she has really been causing a buzz on social media – Instagram in particular, when she started posting up pictures of her horror themed baked goods and deserts.  She’s become ‘The Horror Baker’ and after looking at some of her creations – I can see what all the buzz is about.

Check out this ‘Face Hugger” sugar cookie:


Or how about these awesome man eating strawberry things:


Maybe in your in the mood for a Shortbread Spider:


Amazing, right?  If you want to keep up on all the stuff that Ms. McConnell is up to I strongly suggest you head on over to her Instagram account and give it a follow.  She does some non-genre work as well but her love for horror certainly shines through in most of her work, she also makes herself the subject of a lot of her photography.



Would you frequent a horror-themed bakery?  I know I sure would – I sense a franchise!!

by: Dave Dreher

Source: Instagram