Found Footage Takes A Jurassic Turn In This New Trailer For ‘The Expedition’

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What could be better than ‘found footage’ horror?  ‘Found footage’ horror with dinosaurs – of course!

I have a kind of love/hate relationship with ‘found footage’.  I love to watch them but people hate to make good ones so I am left with a lot of “meh” types of films that look good at first and then don’t live up to the hype but this one, this one looks really promising.

It’s called ‘The Expedition” and it tells the following tale:

“A research team led by a renowned and respected Professor who embark on an Expedition deep within the Amazon to study vulnerable and endangered species. However after a series of strange events, the superstitious guides abandon the team, who, faced with a tough decision, decide to remain deep in the jungle in an attempt to complete their study… but as night falls they begin to realize that all really is not as it seems and that they are in the hunting ground of an apex predator… Something they never could have imagined.”

In starring roles we have Ben Loyd-Holmes,  Neil Newbon,  Sarah MacDonnell,  Ernesto Cantu, Daniel Caren, Simon Burbage  and Dolores Reynals.

Directed by Adam Spinks – this is one to keep an eye on.  As soon as I get any solid release info, I’ll send it your way.

Till then, feast on that trailer.


by: Dave Dreher