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Trailer for ‘The Guest’ Makes Itself Welcome

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Director Adam Wingard’s last film was arguably one of last years best horror films.  ‘You’re Next’ was a welcome surprise and it looks like Wingard’s follow up project ‘The Guest’ may be equally as much fun.

In the film Dan Stevens plays David who shows up on the door step of the Peterson family one day.  He claims to be the best friend of their son who was killed n action.  The family welcomes David into their home and then the strange accidents begin to occur.  Folks start dying and slowly but surely the Peterson’s start to figure out that all roads lead to David.

The film will have it’s theatrical roll out in Sept. from Picturehouse.

‘The Guest’ made quite the buzz at the SXSW festival.  Looking forward to this one!

Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe star.


by: Dave Dreher