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Wales’ International Horror Festival

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There will be plenty of Waling this November – okay bad pun – but great event coming to Wales.

This year is a return to the 1980’s with some notable guest appearances and showcase screenings.

From November 11th-16th  this year’s festival will be celebrating that most reviled of institutions, the Video Recordings Act 1984, that brutal throwback to the dark ages that turned many wonderful (and not so wonderful films) into video nasties.   They won’t be letting this anniversary go by without paying proper tribute, so with that in mind, they are shameless embracing of the 1980’s throughout the whole festival.

Professor Martin Barker, who was one of the highest profile opponents to the video nasties panic, will be giving an exclusive presentation all about his role fighting the government, the media and Mary Whitehouse herself. He’ll be looking at how it all came about, exposing the lies and fabrications, and sharing with us this whole sorry affair from his own personal experience.



We divert attention from the 1980s for our big showpiece event for this year’s festival: we’ve never done anything like this before, and are stupidly excited to pull it off! We’ve taken over Aberystwyth’s steam train “The Vale of Rheidol” and will be offering an atmospheric Edwardian train journey, drinks and a screening of the Peter Cushing / Christopher Lee classic Horror Express on the platform itself – not to be missed!

This year’s theatre show, The Temple, a claustrophobic and atmospheric adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s undersea tale of possession and madness, devised and performed by actor Michael Sabbaton. It is 1917. When a strange ivory, carved head comes into the possession of the commander of the U-29, the boat becomes cursed as it is drawn into a spiralling descent of dissention and madness. The last survivor, the Captain, surrounded by his dead crew, is gradually taken over by fear and paranoia as the horrors on the boat, and the horrors outside it, await.