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Horror Gamers – Prepare To Head To ‘Summer Camp’

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The slasher film era is about to get some love via the gaming industry.  Gun Media, the folks behind such titles as ‘Breach and Clear’ and ‘Speakeasy’ are teaming up with the one and only Tom Savini to bring us a slasher era themed series of games.

Savini of course participated in the slasher craze with his involvement in titles like ‘Friday the 13th’, ‘The Burning’,’ Friday the 13th Part IV’ and ‘The Prowler’ so who better to spearhead the look and feel of this series.  Titled ‘Slasher – Vol. 1 – Summer Camp’ the debut game will feature a simple, basic premise:

“Within the campground players take on the role of one of 6-8 teen counselors – or the killer – and are asked to survive the night.”

Don’t get any easier than that!

Tom Savini comments “I’ve always wondered why a game like this didn’t exist” and expresses these additional thoughts Sure, there are great horror titles, but none that really touch on the slasher genre. When Wes approached me, I could tell immediately that he was on to something. He was coming at this project from a whole different angle.”

To further cement the 80’s look and feel project helmer Wes Keltner turned to composer Harry Manfredini to score the game.  Manfredini of course is the man responsible for the iconic theme for Friday the 13th as well as many other haunting pieces.  Mr Mandredini shared the following thoughts, As soon as Wes started revealing the details of Summer Camp, I couldn’t wait to get involved.,”  “They’ve done their homework, and they are very passionate about the soundscape of Summer Camp. After our first meeting, I was already brainstorming the main theme in my head. It’s going to be so much fun.”

A quick visit to the games official website offers up lots of info but no firm release date. The game will be available to play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.  Will update with release info as it becomes available.  A teaser video is out – give it a view.

by: Dave Dreher